Swimming Galas, Sports Days and Prize Giving

Praven and I try to be “involved” parents. Contributing towards collections, volunteering at cake sales and attending swimming galas in the blistering heat to watch our son walk across the pool in oversized sunglasses. And we do it all, to see that smile on their faces and let them know,…


To blog or not to blog

When this blog was a mere daydream, I had tons of thoughts on what I would write about, and of course in my mind I had no doubt that people all over would be impressed by my day to day ramblings, and be thrilled to read about everything me or my…


Our bush getaway – Mtunzini Forest Lodge

About a month ago we decided we needed a break, a short (inexpensive) getaway to unwind and recharge. Most adults and parents know that while you expect and plan for a holiday to be relaxing and stress free, it inevitably ends up being quite the opposite. Road tripping with the kids,…


Do you validate

No… Not a parkade ticket for a free hour of parking… When I jotted the draft of this post I was in a low low place. The kids were being little shits, Praven and I were in a funk, and I was throwing myself a pity party. Everything was getting me down….


Buying a home – The painful realisation

Life has somewhat stabilised for the Padayachee’s and Praven and I are finally getting serious about buying a place of our own. But while doing “our research” the reality of doing that has hit us hard. These days buying a home is a commitment that can sometimes last up to…


The favourite child

Come on… admit it… the name of just one of your kids popped into your head just then… didn’t it… come on… I won’t judge…. Okay okay, so maybe we don’t really have a favourite, but I’ve been feeling the brunt of some “favouritism like” behaviour. Double standards if you…


93 meals!

No this is not a drive to hand out 93 meals for charity, but a little vent on the daily task of feeding our families. The chronic problem of what to cook exists for every mum, working or stay at home. If you do the math, breakfast, lunch and supper…


Clicks & Babyline Baby Bootcamp

This weekend I attended the Clicks & Babyline Baby Bootcamp event at the Protea Hotel Edward in Durban. As promised it was an amazing event, that surpassed all expectations. Baby or not, I hope I get to attend another. It was a full house, and the venue was beautifully set…


Man Down

This past week marked the 1st week back at work for me, so naturally it was also time for Praven and myself to get sick. It started with me hurling chunks on Wednesday night, followed by Praven, … and the …um … shits ‘runs’ on Thursday morning… We all joke about…


Surviving the school holidays

No, this is not another “10 amazing things to do with your kids”  or “How to make homemade paint” article. Its more of a how did I get through the school holidays with your sanity intact type of article. Don’t get me wrong being at home is lovely having the kids…