About Us

Hello, and welcome to “A Family Blog”. A blog that is simply about my family.

I’m Yashmitha, proud but frazzled mum to Kivesh (6), a mild mannered sweet young man, that loves dinosaurs, pirates and hot chocolate, and Thavina (2), a free spirited toddler that has the cheekiest smile, loves horses, noodles and nursery rhymes. I also carry the title of wife to Praven, and this year marks our 10th anniversary. Praven is an all-rounder of note, from plumbing to carpentry, fixing the car or sorting out my wifi, he does it all.

We are The Padayachee’s.



We are an average South African family. Trying to get through each day, giving our kids the best, while teaching them what’s important, trying to make ends meet, stay sane and enjoy the life we’ve made.

I want this blog to be about what we go through, our ups and downs, the fights and celebrations, everything from dealing with the kids, our careers, bake sales, recycling drives, home loans and homework, and everything in between. Our little family has seen a lot, from deaths and births, to transplants, new jobs and even losing teeth. So join us on this frustrating nerve wrecking, beautiful and satisfying journey.

Before we really get going, I want to thank everyone involved in helping me make this happen. My family, who don’t reaslise yet what they’ve signed up for, my dear friend Jenny and her family for their help in brain storming a name, and all that they do for me and the kids, and the amazing Adele Strydom, without your late night IT help sessions, this really would not have been possible.

And to all of you that are joining the family, I hope our stories, can help you and your family, even if its only to make you feel more normal.

I look forward to sharing with you and learning from you .