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Are you ready for one the biggest comebacks. To celebrate an important milestone, 10 seasons and 4 years of Shopkin cuteness, Prima toys is bringing back some of their favourite Shopkin minis. Season 10 is a throwback to the very start of it all, a minature shopping experience, that is brought to life in a whole new way. Shopkin fans can now shop to their hearts content in the Shopkins Small Mart universe. An amazing miniature range of real-life supermarket items. I’m talking tiny milk cartons, fruit crates, cookies, tinned corn and so much more. But that’s not where it stops, remember the ‘throwback’ I mentioned?  Well hiding inside each item, is a Shopkin character from Season 1, 2 or 3. And to add a little something more, each character has a commemorative medallion in either gold, silver or bronze, making them unique to your collection.

Chiquita Patrizi, spokesperson for Prima Toys says that they are very excited to be bringing a tenth season of Shopkins to South African fans. “The launch of Season 10 marks four years of Shopkins heritage, a toy range that has captured the hearts and imaginations of children around the world,” she says. For the first time, fans can unbox adorable, highly-detailed and unique packages to discover the Shopkins characters inside. There are over 80 different Mini Packs to collect, from popcorn bags and take-out containers to shoe boxes and jelly jars. These reusable packages add another level of play for Shopkins fans, who can now store and display their favorite characters like never before. There’s lots to collect and what’s more, the shopping themed playsets include a delivery shute, treadmill registers, check-out counter and shopping trolleys.  For ages 5+ RSP: from R49.99 Available at toy stores and retailers. For more info go to

We were thoroughly spoilt with a Shopkins delivery from Prima Toys. Kivesh and Thavina had loads of fun unpacking each item, and discovering the surprise charachter inside. Their fun didnt stop there, afterwards both the supermarket items and the charachters took their place inside Thavinas dolly house, but not befor being delivered by one of Kiveshs trucks (skillfully avoiding a number of accidents and obstacles on the road ofcourse). As a child, and even now as an adult, I loved collecting items that belonged to a series, from Pokemon and Tazos, to stickers (from the Spice Girl lollipops) and even those Lion King marbles. My late dad even built me a speciail wooden display shelf for all my goodies. These Shopkins are so adorable, I’m tempted to stealthily ‘extract’ them from the children and keep them for myself…but i won’t… maybe.

Much Love Yash

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