The “Christmas Eve Box” and other Family Traditions

Christmas is almost here, and I’m so excited! We aren’t Christian, so for us Christmas is all about food, presents, food, being at home with family, food, childhood wonder, food… and food.

The “Christmas Eve Box” is a new tradition, and I love putting it together just as much as the kids love opening it.

We’ve started cutting down on the gifts for Christmas because we’ve found that like so many kids, Kivesh and Thavina are often overwhelmed by the number of toys they receive, throughout the year and especially during Christmas. A mere 2 months down the line (if that), the toy is forgotten, and there’s a need for a newer, new toy.

We are constantly stressing the lesson on being grateful and taking care of the belongings, toys included, that they do have. This year we’re cutting down even more on gifts, the kids both still believe in Santa, so he gets the credit for the gifts anyway. The “Box” is a great way to fulfil their gifting needs yet make it special and more about family time than the gift itself.

The box is in no way limited to Christmas, a goodie box like this can be put together at anytime and with any theme. the main focus is to spend some time together. In fact as I typed the previous sentence my mind jumped to a whole bunch of other ‘boxes’ I could put together for me and the kids to enjoy.

Our Christmas Eve Box usually consists of the following;

  • New Pjs, if I can find Christmas themed ones its even better!
  • A personal Christmas decoration for the tree – these are kept in their own little box, they will one day leave home with these, and their first Christmas will be guaranteed to be filled with memories of their childhood.
  • A Christmas themed story book
  • A Family themed, or an old time favourite movie
  • Popcorn / snacks for the movie or story time
  • Some yummy hot-chocolate sachets
  • Biscuits for Santa (and the kids) – optional extra: Oats for the reindeer and mini donuts for the elves

An absolute must have for Christmas is the “A Reindeer in Here” book and plush toy available at Modern Mama . This gorgeous book belongs in  a home with little kids who believe in magic and wonder and all things extraordinary.  It’s definitely on my wish list for this years box!

I love this new tradition of ours, and it reinforces the whole family bonding experience. We read the book/s together and re-read them another 10000 times more, the kids also have a personal collection of Christmas ornaments that they will keep and have when they eventually have trees of their own to decorate. Last year I am attempting knitting a mouse for the kids. Hardest thing I have ever done in my life… yes, I’ve given birth twice, donated a kidney and gotten a degree in microbiology and zoology… knitting at this point is getting the better of me. This year I wanted to do a LEGO blanket…also not going that well.

Other family traditions in our house is of course setting the scene, as mentioned in a previous post, I am big on footprints. Anyone that’s looked for bigfoot or a unicorn, will know that footprints = proof that they exist. On Christmas morning it is not unusual to find snowy glittery footprints in our lounge. We spend the rest of the day eating, with a possible quick visit to some family and then back home for more eating.

Whatever your tradition is, keep it alive. My memories of childhood traditions mean so much to me, and I’m sure to you as well, so they will definitely mean the world to our kids.

For more on fun festive family traditions check out my article in the latest edition of Milestones magazine.

Love Yash


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