Dinovember and magical childhood memories

By now many of you will know about my insane obsession with creating fantastical magical childhood memories and traditions for my kids.

From glittery Tooth Fairy foot prints, to snowy Santa footprints and even muddy Easter Bunny footprints (There are a lot of footprints involved in these traditions). One of my favourites is Dinovember, every November all our dinosaurs come to life and get up to mischief in the house.

They paint or bake, have bubble baths, get into the freezer to have ice-cream and even rip into the cereal boxes. We have tried all sorts of things to keep them under control, we’ve locked them in cages and boxes, but they always make their way out. Behind the scenes, I usually set things up the night before, or early in the morning, and when the kids wake up, they discover a “frozen in time” dino scene.

I’ve done this for about 3 or 4 years now, and I think Kivesh might just be catching on. When he “discovers” the scene in the morning, I see a mischievous-ness in him that wants to join in on the ‘scene setting’. This leads me to my current dilemma of when to break the news to the kids, there is no Santa… theres no magic… that’s a hard one. Kivesh will be 8 next year, so I’m thinking it might be right to let him in on the secret, and let him assist with the magic, for the dinos at-least, we’ll see how it goes with Santa

So the point of this post is to take advantage of the now, I know it’s a cliché, but they’re only little once, and they really do grow up so quick. Pretty soon they will figure out that the world can be harsh and magic can be hard to find. I know we read all these beautiful forwarded messages on how to look for magic in everyday and appreciate the small things in life, but lets be honest as adults that can be so hard to do sometimes.

So,  let the kids be kids, do everything you can, to make their childhood full of amazement and wonder, …and then of-course assign them chores so they learn responsibility.




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