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When it comes to affordable, high quality baby items, Clicks is the absolute leader of the pack. With their already low prices, coupled with amazing specials and the Baby Club by Clicks program, they’re, in my mind, second to none.

I had the absolute pleasure of attending the #BabyMeetUp a few weeks ago. It was a full day event with talks from some really amazing mums and dads. The day was co-ordinated by the renowned Meg Faure, co-author of the best-selling baby care series. The day was divided into 3 sessions, with a few mini talks in each session. The sessions were “Pregnancy Sense”, “Parent Sense” and “Baby Sense”. 

I unfortunately couldn’t stay for the entire day, and missed out on most of the “Baby Sense ” session, but here’s a quick summary of my favourite talks from the day. The host for the event was the hilarious Chris Forrest. I must say adding a comedian dad to the line up was an excellent decision and a few jokes in between our speakers kept the mood light and energised.


The first session – Pregnancy Sense was kicked of with Living and Loving Editor, Sonya Naude, talking to us about enjoying our precious bumps. The highlight of this session for me was Marietjie Strydom, and her revelation on bonding. Marietjie is a consultant social worker, and play therapist. She started off her talk letting us know that she was going to be cheeky and say that the information she was about to give us would be our “AHA” moment. and in the end, it really was. Marietjie spoke about the Disruption and Repair cycle that is necessary for bonding to take place. so many of us think being a good parent and bonding with our children is a seemless event of perfection and never dropping “the ball”. When in fact, its about continuously dropping the ball and picking it up, each and every time. Basically, for you to be there for your child, and for them to understand that you are someone they can rely on and depend on, they have to first “need ” you. If you run around making sure they are constantly seen to before they even reaslise they have a need, there’s no room for a connection between parent and child.  A few of her main points were;

  • Everything your baby will learn about relationships they will first learn from you, their parent.
  • As parents we need to understand and take care of ourselves to facilitate a positive attachment experience for baby.
  • Perfection does not mean connection – A secure attachment is a process.

We were then exposed to the musical genius that is Jeremy Olivier. The story of his family, and their youngest son Noah told to us in song gave us all “the feels”, and I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. When you get a chance to, look up Beautiful – Jeremy Olivier, and give it a listen, it puts life into perspective and makes you appreciate everything and everyone in your life.

During the little tea break, we got to visit a few brands that were part of the “expo” portion of the day. I chatted to the people from Colief, about their variety of products that help with the infamous colic and the less talked about cradle cap, as well as a Vitamin D supplement for both mum and baby. If you’re a new mum or you are expecting all 3 of these products are a definite must – 

Clicks was there in full force, signing up new mums to their fabulous Baby Club. The club is for expectant mums, and mums with kids up to the age of 3 years old. I’ve  been a member with both my kids, you get amazing discounts and specials, as well as bonus points on Clicks Baby purchases. Its definitely worth signing up to, and you can read more about it here :

Clicks has also launched a gorgeous new baby range ” Made for Baby”. Everything you need for your little one can be found at clicks, from medication, to wet-wipes, nappies and even bottles. And you get your cash back vouchers as a bonus. All new sign-ups received this handy tub, with some baby essentials. I also visited the Colgate stand and heard about the fantastic Minions electric tooth brush and the “colour changing” tooth paste (for adults). Both products are designed to encourage the brusher to brush for a minimum of 2 minutes, and yes, I did go out and immediately buy some of the colour changing toothpaste! Yes, it does work, it is seriously the coolest thing ever, the kids are amazed and entertained…as am I.


My last stand visit was to the Old Mutual, where I signed up to be contacted regarding investment plans for my little ones, and boy am I glad that I did! After the break I was left a little speechless listening to the presentation by Priya Naicker of Old Mutual. Most of the figures and timelines in her talk swirled in and out of my head but the take home message was ” Don’t waste time”, when we invest our money needs time to grow, so the sooner we start the better. Imagine, in essence, saving for your child’s retirement when they’re born. I know the idea might seem a little out there, but saving in any form should be a priority, and I strongly suggest you give an Old Mutual financial adviser a shout to look at your financial status and where and how you could start creating a nice little nest egg for both you and your children. I’m glad I put my name down to be contacted by an adviser, and I’m quite proud of myself for implementing a little savings plan, its easy on my wallet, and will add to both the kids and my future. Have a look at the website and fill in the form to get a consultant to call you back , you will not regret it – 

To end it all was a topic very dear to me, and that is Wellness. The ever elusive balance that us mums search for. Whether you work, full-time or part-time, or if you’re a stay at home mum, being a parent is hard hard work that often leaves us emotionally and physically drained. Michelle Pitt (no relation to Brad I would assume), is a woman that knows and understands the reality of being a working mum, she spoke to us on really just making peace with our new lives, honestly accepting our new body’s and our new priorities. She runs an amazing brand called “Bits and Bobs for moms”, focusing on balancing your lifestyle as a mum.  Check her out here :- 

I can’t end this off without mentioning inspirational speaker, author and all around real man, real dad, Craig Wilkinson. he is the founder of Father A Nation (FAN), an NPO that works with men to equip, inspire and support them in becoming great fathers, role-models and mentors. With fresh, wholesome and realistic insight on the relationship between a father and his children his energetic talk was another eye opener on how we traditionally view men and the relationship between father and son. Follow this link to check out he FAN website .

There were so many other speakers, all of them interesting, vibrant and informative. This is an event you need to add to your list, irrespective of the parenting “phase” you’re in. The insight and “Sense worth Sharing” dispensed on the day was simply priceless.

This has been a longer post than most of my others, but it really just was such an amazing day. To reward you for taking the time to read my post about all the amazing people I had the opportunity to listen to, I have an incredible giveaway.The lovely people at Clicks, and Meg Faure have given me some of the goodie bags the ladies received at the event to give away to five lucky new mums or dads. (2X nappy bags and clicks essentials tubs, 3X clicks essentials tubs).

To stand a chance to be one of the 5 lucky winners, fill out the form below and answer the question.

Please note the competition is limited to Durban mums, and specifically those who were unable to attend the event

(FYI – the prizes have new born nappy samples in them).

Question: Have a look at the speakers list or the show guide for the event  and let us know which of the amazing speakers you would have been most excited to have listened to.

Show guide –

Speaker list –

Good Luck

Love Yash

*** The competition will run from 25th October till 8th November. Winners announced by the 13th November ***


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