Our surprise road-trip to Castleburn (Southern Drakensburg)

A few weeks ago..(this has now turned to months, I forgot to post it…ooops)  we took the kids on a surprise road trip to the Berg to celebrate both Kivesh’s and my birthday. The bookings were done quite some time ago, but the kids had no clue and thought we were just popping out to buy some bread and milk. 2 hours into the journey they hadn’t even made a peep to question this maddeningly long trip to Checkers.

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The bakkie was serviced by Praven that morning so according to him the drive was relatively easier than the first time we’d been there. I must admit to me it did seem a lot quicker, especially because Thavina fell asleep just as we got close to Pietermaritzburg.

It was an idyllic getaway. We left the resort grounds only once to stock up on a few food items, and other than that the weekend was spent making good use of all Castleburn had to offer. The kids went on horse rides every morning, we went out on the lake in the afternoons, Praven being our designated oarsman and early evenings spent walking the trails close by. We (Praven) lit a fire every evening, we ate supper together and just unwind-ed… unwound…. chilled. To us nothing beats a Berg getaway. The serenity of your surroundings the peace and quite, the log fires and long walks were just what we needed as family to reconnect and take sometime out from the hustle and bustle of our everyday “city lives”. Besides the fact that of course all cooking and packing and most other task still fall on the mothers plate, I still felt like such a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. By now I might have amnesia, but I don’t recall unnecessarily nagging the kids about behaving etc. There was that one time Thavina vomited in the van just as we were leaving for a picnic. But honestly what’s an outing without some stinky toddler milkshake vomit?









So guys even if it means planning ridiculously ahead like I do, please take the time to have a few days away from the everyday grind. Use the time to recharge your own batteries and to reconnect with the kids and your partner. It was so blissful, of course the downside is that we had to leave at some point. And the fact that Thavina now thinks we own a holiday home that we can visit at any random point in the week. next post ” How to explain to your toddler that holidays are like birthdays, they come once a year,… but with no presents”.




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