The hunt for “Age appropriate” gifts

With each new birthday or Christmas comes the inescapable hunt for “age appropriate ” gifts. Kivesh is going to be 7 soon, so the search is on for birthday gifts.

Seven is kind of hitting the transmission phase, he’s still a baby but he’s figuring things out. He still believes in Santa, The Tooth Fairy  and The Easter bunny, but he knows Paw Patrol isn’t real. I want to encourage some growing up, but I don’t want him to entirely lose the magic of childhood. That being said, we’re not a family that’s into gaming be it on a tablet. pc or whatever else (I want to say video games, but that immediately gives away when last we played one of these games)….We don’t own any Box’s, X or otherwise, no Playstations and no Nintendo, it’s just not something we personally encouraged. So that eliminates a huge chunk of what kids his age are currently “In To” and for a while that left me stumped as to what we could get him. Google played its essential part in giving me “about 70 000 000” results for my search, which mind you, didn’t prove entirely fruitless.

I’ve eventually found a few items that I think would be appreciated and not add to the clutter that we call the toy box. Kivesh loves reading and really enjoys owning his own books, but I kept away from the usual educational type items like books and puzzles, which are all well and fine, but do kind of lack the excitement factor of an actual toy. Instead we opted for a science kit, of which there is quite an interesting range. From making your own soap to botany and electricity and the old favourite “Make your own Volcano” which is the one we got. We also got him a new addition to his Lego collection, a nifty little set that comes with 2 figurines and builds up a mini fire-engine, and last but not least a little blow up punching bag. I’m really excited to see his reaction, and to also take a more supervisory role in the use of his new gifts and let him take the lead in assembly and execution, I’m also liking that I have a few ideas on what to get him for Christmas… never too early to start planning.



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