The smell of a childhood memory


I know right of the top that that sounds weird,  but I’m sure most of you know exactly what I mean.

A few weeks ago we had a lovely long weekend. and on the last day, Praven decided (at 8am) that we should take a spontaneous drive down the South Coast. Not like Scottburgh 41 minutes away South Coast, which is way more appealing to me, but Port Edward 1 hour and 41 minutes away South Coast, and more specifically The Wild Coast Sun.

So at 9am , which any respectable road tripping family would know is way too late to be just starting the journey, and with the kids and myself finally “loaded” in the car, we set off. The trip itself wasn’t as daunting as I expected it to be with the kids. (Of course I’m not the one that’s ever driving so most trips are quite comfortable for me), and I only got a bit snappy towards the very end… we’ll just not talk about that for a bit…

We passed all the usual stops, Tiago’s in Port Shepstone, do you guys remember the ginormous burgers? The Nut Shop, I don’t really know what It’s real name is but you know which one I’m talking about, It’s like the size of a single bed and sells divine macadamia clusters and biscuits. And finally passed over the iconic bridge. The moment our front wheels touched it, I felt myself transported back in time. The excitement!!! I felt like a kid again, sitting in the back seat with my sisters with my dad driving. When we pulled up to the entrance my heart sank ever so slightly the Wild Coast logo had been changed and is now replace with squiggly gold letters spelling out “SUN”, and it doesn’t really invoke family fun like the seahorse did.


With the car parked and us approaching the little thatched walkway that joins the main building and parking , I was again just hit with a strong sense of nostalgia almost deja vu-ish-ness. Seriously the smell and sounds and the look of everything made me feel so good inside, like for this one day everything in the world was okay, because I was a kid again. I can close my eyes right now and just get that feeling again, and it makes me smile. I took a photo of the carpet, because its the same! And I remember being little and playing on it while waiting for my dad to get us a bajillion more “Magic Company” Tokens. Aloha Village was just as I remembered, they had the same horsey ride, they still had the whack the crocodile and stomp the spiders game. Plenty has changed, like the food court which was a little disappointing, the ship has been replaced with a generic “mall – style” food court, and I didn’t notice the paddle boats by the river. Of course there’s also the huge new water park, that although we didn’t visit, looked pretty impressive, and might be on the list of “Things to do”.



But overall I was more than happy and definitely satisfied on a deeper emotional level at this trip down memory lane and back to The wild Coast Sun. I am definitely looking forward to the next time Praven suggests it.

I hope you lot have some place that’s tucked away in your memory that can bring back this same sort of feeling of joy and deep contentment of a time that was more carefree and less stressful. And if you do have this place, and if it’s within your means, please go back, it is really like medicine for the soul.


Till next time




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