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Archives: March 2017

So. Exhausted.


Its been a draining week, I’m actually yawning as I write this.  I couldn’t be more ready for this long weekend.

It’s been the usual at work, classes, practicals, tests and admin, but I’m just bushed!

Usually when Praven is off we have busy weekends. We take the kids out, which means tiring weekends. Praven is off tomorrow, so there’s a chance we’ll be out and about, but I’m looking forward to a lazy Monday in, a late morning (which if you have kids means 7:30 am – if you’re luck), I want to watch TV in bed, mooch about in my PJ’s till after midday…. BUT….

You know when you really want a nice mutton bunny from your favourite Indian Takeaway. And you wait all week to go get it, and then the curry isn’t what you’re expecting because they got a new cook aunty?… You know that feeling, I’m afraid that I’m too “lus” for this weekend and somethings going mess it up. I’m anticipating the kids being extra needy on Monday and me losing my cool…I’m also realising that this is quite a useless post…

Nonetheless I’m going to be positive, and try start the weekend off on a good note. We’re hoping to take the kids for a bit of a play session, so they’re “less energetic” when we get home. And then really I just want to put my feet up!

Have a great weekend all – long or not, make the most of it.

Winning at “Mum-ing” – a spectacular production (running this week only)


Yeah, so this week, I have surprised myself and I want to gloat a little about how awesome I’ve been (cue meltdown this evening).

Lets start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…. Sunday evening, I am somehow supercharged. Supper is cooked everyone is fed and chilling…. I’m busy preparing meals for the week to come. I’m talking 3 different cooked meals for Praven, brown rice, separate milder foods for the kids, I’m on fire! Not to mention cupcakes and flapjacks and crafts and the usual roaming that takes place over the weekend.

So we start the week off on a pretty good note, I’m not stressed about what to cook, I know that supper is sorted for the next few days so I can get some extra chill time…. BUT DO I ???

No, Tuesday evening – Kivesh – “Mum I want pizza for supper” – Thavina – “OOOOOH yum pizza”  – Me – “I’m going to make my own pizza dough!”   And so I did, I think it came out pretty awesome, Kivesh gave it one look and said ” It doesn’t look like the delicious one we usually get”… thanks son, thanks for that. But my spirit isn’t crushed, it tastes damn good (so I force them to eat it).

It’s Thursday and Kivesh has been learning some new Math concepts in school, so normally homework would be a nightmare, I’m proud to say we’ve had ZERO tears, no “You know what, you can do your math with your father!” threats. I have been calm and super “explain-ery” with him.




AND…. drumroll please, because this is where I felt super awesome, last night, Wednesday night, the second hardest night of the week (Thursday takes 1st place – wait why am I gloating today then, am I setting myself up  – get back to the blog-post)…. I made my own POTATO GNOCCHI!!!! from scratch!! It was “mind-blasting”, I blasted my own mind! I have no idea if it came out the way it’s meant to, I’ve never eaten it before, but it was tasty. I bought a pasta sauce, but gimme a break, I made gnocchi, saying gnocchi is an accomplishment for me.


Now the picture doesn’t look like much, but I have a theory about food photography. it has to be done with “natural light”, because with “artificial light” you get that glistening look on all the food and it just makes it look ick….

So there’s just 2 days left, fingers crossed that we can make it to the end of the week before there’s a massive fight or meltdown or some form of chaos erupts. But I’m going to take this win and

Love                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Yash

P.S. – Did  I mention that Thavina cries every morning before school and even vomited on Tuesday and Praven had to clean chunks before work…. you cant have it all…..

P.P.S. ‘Ive also been winning at “wife-ing”…just saying… (wink wink)