Making childhood as magical as possible

I am one of those mums that takes imagination a little OTT. I absolutely love bamboozling the kids into believing that a tooth fairy really walked across their bed, or that Santa and the reindeers really did park in the front yard. and lets not forget those pesky dinosaurs that come to life every November and wreck the house.


I often make the excuse that its me badly prioritising what I really should be doing, but to be honest I don’t feel that way at all. I love going all out in creating these elaborate little scenes that bring about such excitement and wonder in the kids. It is just amazing, their little faces when they wake up and find the dinos have chewed through their cereal and were feasting on their O-Tees, and are now frozen in place and caught red handed. Last year Santa and his messy elves left crumbs all over the sofa and of course glittery snowy footprints all over the floor. creativity

Imagination, creativity and magic and free play is just so important for our kids. There is in my mind no need to teach them how to operate the DVD player, TV or a tablet. Give them a box of crayons and a pile of paper and let them spend ages drawing. Kivesh comes up with the most amazing little scenes, and Thavina… well Thavina scribbles but I’m sure to her its a mermaid or something.

Fostering this sort of excitement and wonder is creating what I hope will be part of their best childhood memories. My little dilemma is when do I realistically end it all?

Kivesh will be 7 in May, Praven feels he is old enough to know the truth about Santa, and many of his friends already know the “truth”. I just feed him more lies (magic), about them being on the naughty list so that’s why their parents have to buy gifts. I don’t want it to end but I know it will have to I just don’t want to kill the magic just yet, there’s too much ugly that can replace it!


Will keep you posted on when the magic ends and how it went down, but for now, magic definitely lives in our home, and don’t you dare tell my kids otherwise 😛

Some tips on how to make your kids childhood magical…

The wrong way (this is a good laugh, and may have some possibilities) :

The right way :


Love Yash

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