Our 2 year “Transplant-aversary”


Today marks 2 years since Praven was the recipient of a brand spanking new healthy kidney, the kidney of course being mine. Its almost unimaginable that it’s been that long, and at the same time that its “only” been that long. It seems a lifetime ago that he was on dialysis, before Thavina was born, and when most things were entirely too complicated.

I can’t say that the road has been smooth and hassle free, but i can definitely say that it’s been an integral part of our story. Praven has amnesia, and can’t remember the dialysis days, but as dictated by my female (or is it elephant) DNA, I haven’t forgotten.


I remember the hardship of not only Praven dealing with his illness, but me being the person dealing with the person dealing with the illness. I don’t want to go into it all now, but i definitely look back at it and feel a huge sense of gratitude that it is something behind me.

For now we have managed to get so much back that we lost during those years, simple things like family outings, weekends away and even just breakfasts together. I am grateful to everyone, even if some of those relationships are now quite strained, for being with us through those years and through the transplant. Friends and family that wished us well and checked on us regularly. I might get on your nerves eventually and you might think “Oh No, this story again!”, but this is a lifelong achievement for us, each check up he goes for, and even each time he goes to the loo, is a reminder to us.

I don’t often thank medical aid, because they can sometimes make all of this unnecessarily difficult, but at the end of the day I am thankful that they were able to make the dialysis, testing, transplant and all his post transplant treatment happen. You wouldn’t believe the cost of all of this.

And the end of it all I breathe a heavy sigh of relief, and look forward, towards all the new goals we want to achieve, and all the dreams we want to make come true. Now we have the “space” for all the regular everyday stuff, you know, kids, school, supper and all that amazing chaos we get to call “Our Family.”


We need to do something outrageous to mark this… Praven… I’ve been thinking, I might like another tattoo….


Love Yash


PS – No, funnily enough I don’t ever feel like I want it back… 😛

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  1. Sarojini

    Ah that’s the sweetest. I remember how stressed out you were. You are the bravest woman I know. I remember you saying that this wasn’t just for him, it was for your family. You are amazing

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