Sibling Rivalry – Thavina’s way


In our house, we do our best to minimise any form of rivalry between Kivesh and Thavina. When we found out we were expecting Thavina we immediately fostered a protective role for Kivesh as “The Big Brother”, not to take away from Thavina, who is a pretty protective little sister. We try our best to be consistent and equal with praise, discipline, treats and treatment. I find it creates an attitude of fairness amongst the 2 of them, and has prompted them to look out for each other. We still try to make them feel special on an individual level, Thavina and I go shopping together, or Kivi and I go for a movie (we call them “only child moments”),  and it works out great.

The kids obviously still bicker about certain things, “he’s talking to me”, “she’s standing on my railway track”, ” but I want the blue crayon”… (we may have a few snapped in half crayons in the house, from when I lose it and go all “Judgement of Solomon” on them)  But I’m glad to say that at this stage we’ don’t have any real rivalry to speak of.

That is… until the music comes on. we play almost every other song, especially the Disney ones, twice. Once for Kivesh to listen to, and a whole separate time, for Thavina to listen to and sing a long. She apparently cannot listen to it, if buddy is listening to it. So every morning we listen to the Moana soundtrack twice, except the crab song, because Thavina doesn’t like crabs…

Can you argue with this face…


I’m complaining but I’m not really complaining because as far as rivalry goes, I’ll take it, and I do get to sing along with Dwayne Johnson every morning, so its a win.


PS –  – You’re Welcome – Moana – Dwayne Johnson


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