Swimming Galas, Sports Days and Prize Giving


Praven and I try to be “involved” parents.

Contributing towards collections, volunteering at cake sales and attending swimming galas in the blistering heat to watch our son walk across the pool in oversized sunglasses.

And we do it all, to see that smile on their faces and let them know, that we got their backs and they can count on us, and we are proud of everything they do.

At age 6, and being the stereotype of a skinny Indian boy, Kivesh doesn’t exactly excel at sports, and we know this, and we’re fine with this.I still sat for hours  …to watch him walk across the field in oversized sunglasses. This is not an “I’m an awesome mum for doing that” post. It’s more a “Wow, we are all such awesome parents for being here” post. There were so many eager and supportive parents taking time off work, to watch their little ones do the most mundane pointless activities. And the kids just loved it, they literally wave to their parents for the entire duration of the event.

Some folks go a little overboard, just a reminder, it’s a primary school, foundation phase swimming gala or sports day, not the Olympics…seriously, chill out.

So in short this really is just a thank you to Praven, myself, and the countless other mums and dads and grandparents, that participate and get involved in all these school functions.  I know sometimes the requests are inconvenient and sometimes costly, but it means more than we realise to our kids, so if you get the chance to, go watch your kid walk across the pool in oversized sunglasses.


P.S. He also walked across in a Santa hat, but we were late so we missed that one…oops white people, y’all need to learn about “Indian Time”.


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