Our bush getaway – Mtunzini Forest Lodge


About a month ago we decided we needed a break, a short (inexpensive) getaway to unwind and recharge.

Most adults and parents know that while you expect and plan for a holiday to be relaxing and stress free, it inevitably ends up being quite the opposite. Road tripping with the kids, worrying about the financial implications of the trip, cramming in site seeing or being stuck indoors for extended periods of time can all lead to a getaway that makes you long for the office instead.I’m happy to say though that we had a very enjoyable time on our most recent trip to the Mtunzini Forest Lodge. thhbexk7n4

We haven’t done a “just the 4 of us” trip in a while, and we don’t usually travel further than 2 or 3 hours away, Thavina is not a road tip kind of girl, she can’t handle the 2 roads from her crèche to home. It has gotten better recently, she’s started to nod off after half an hour or so. I don’t over complicate short trips with 100 toys and snacks to keep them occupied because that really just creates more hassle for me. Added potty breaks and “Mummy my toy fell” for the 1000th time, is not how I want to start the weekend off.


We had a real proper bush getaway, we were in a wooden cabin, with huge windows so it felt like we were in a tree-house. The kids were thrilled to be out of the house and the weather cleared up enough for us to visit the beach close by. It was really nice not worrying about cell phones or emails and just giving in to surroundings and spending some carefree, rush-free time as a family.


We ate outdoors, took a midday nap, and even attempted a night time hike, which was not a great idea and lasted about 5 minutes. We just really appreciated the easiness of it all, not having to rush or worry about a schedule and getting the kids ready on time or eating or sleeping on time. The leisurely-ness of it was perfect. Just what we needed to maybe not quite recharge the batteries, but definitely to reconnect as a unit.


Definitely looking forward to another “nothing to do but just be” type of weekend away.


Mtunzini facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/mtunziniforestlodge/?fref=ts



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