Do you validate


No… Not a parkade ticket for a free hour of parking…

When I jotted the draft of this post I was in a low low place. The kids were being little shits, Praven and I were in a funk, and I was throwing myself a pity party. Everything was getting me down. I was throwing myself a serious pity party – and while hormones and PMS were a major culprit, it got me thinking about how much of our happiness and sanity and worth we place in the hands and minds of others.

It really isn’t fair on them or us, the responsibility of making and keeping someone happy is a big one, and as Katt Williams wisely said, “It’s called SELF esteem, I’ts the esteem of your M*^$ F*(&^ing self”.

That being said, mean people are all around you, sometimes actively mean, sometime absently mean (does that make sense). Even family, especially family can really make you feel super kak.

At times like this its hard to find small joys, or to think of others in worse situations. I feel sad, I want a pity party and I need VALIDATION, but I’m not going to get it from others.

So, there’s self validation, and that involves telling yourself how amazing you are, until you believe it… I’m going to try it… but I’m not very convincing so we’ll see how it goes.


I’m also a firm believer in needing to just cry it out and have that pity party. After a few minutes or an hour or however long you usually feel pretty foolish and there’s housework to do and lunches to make all before Criminal Minds starts at 10pm, so you put on your big girl panties and get back to it.


If you do fall by the wayside and need some assistance in feeling better, turn to Wiki… seriously, there is a wiki article on “How to feel good about yourself”.



And above all remember that a bad day, is not a bad life.

Good Luck


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