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Archives: November 2016

To blog or not to blog


When this blog was a mere daydream, I had tons of thoughts on what I would write about, and of course in my mind I had no doubt that people all over would be impressed by my day to day ramblings, and be thrilled to read about everything me or my kids or Praven did.

Fast forward to a few months after registering a website and securing a domain and all that technical jazz (A quick shout out to Adele Strydom of #Hashtag Me, who helped me through it all), I find myself really struggling for content. nothing-to-say-so-blog

Well, struggling for content is not the right way to put it. I was stuck in this mindset that I needed to write a post that was much like a sitcom. I propose a problem that most of us could relate to, give you my personal experience and then of course the life changing solution,( cue clapping, thank you, this was filmed in front of a live studio audience).  When in reality there is plenty of content, all the funny things the kids do and say, the events and outings we go on, loads of things that are happening. But I stop myself and question whether or not its blog worthy, whether people would want to read about it.


Do you want to read about the cute way Thavina scolds us, do you want to know how Kivesh plays eye spy every single afternoon, do you want to know that I’ve been crocheting very night. What I really struggled with was realising that this blog is a representation of my family and all our everyday shenanigans.

And to quote a line from the 2007 movie Sydney White, with Amanda Bynes and Sara Paxton (a modern day adaptation of Snow White, yes I watched and I like it), “It isn’t about who reads the blog, it’s about writing the blog”.

Here’s to many many more random posts from me



Our bush getaway – Mtunzini Forest Lodge


About a month ago we decided we needed a break, a short (inexpensive) getaway to unwind and recharge.

Most adults and parents know that while you expect and plan for a holiday to be relaxing and stress free, it inevitably ends up being quite the opposite. Road tripping with the kids, worrying about the financial implications of the trip, cramming in site seeing or being stuck indoors for extended periods of time can all lead to a getaway that makes you long for the office instead.I’m happy to say though that we had a very enjoyable time on our most recent trip to the Mtunzini Forest Lodge. thhbexk7n4

We haven’t done a “just the 4 of us” trip in a while, and we don’t usually travel further than 2 or 3 hours away, Thavina is not a road tip kind of girl, she can’t handle the 2 roads from her crèche to home. It has gotten better recently, she’s started to nod off after half an hour or so. I don’t over complicate short trips with 100 toys and snacks to keep them occupied because that really just creates more hassle for me. Added potty breaks and “Mummy my toy fell” for the 1000th time, is not how I want to start the weekend off.


We had a real proper bush getaway, we were in a wooden cabin, with huge windows so it felt like we were in a tree-house. The kids were thrilled to be out of the house and the weather cleared up enough for us to visit the beach close by. It was really nice not worrying about cell phones or emails and just giving in to surroundings and spending some carefree, rush-free time as a family.


We ate outdoors, took a midday nap, and even attempted a night time hike, which was not a great idea and lasted about 5 minutes. We just really appreciated the easiness of it all, not having to rush or worry about a schedule and getting the kids ready on time or eating or sleeping on time. The leisurely-ness of it was perfect. Just what we needed to maybe not quite recharge the batteries, but definitely to reconnect as a unit.


Definitely looking forward to another “nothing to do but just be” type of weekend away.


Mtunzini facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/mtunziniforestlodge/?fref=ts




Do you validate


No… Not a parkade ticket for a free hour of parking…

When I jotted the draft of this post I was in a low low place. The kids were being little shits, Praven and I were in a funk, and I was throwing myself a pity party. Everything was getting me down. I was throwing myself a serious pity party – and while hormones and PMS were a major culprit, it got me thinking about how much of our happiness and sanity and worth we place in the hands and minds of others.

It really isn’t fair on them or us, the responsibility of making and keeping someone happy is a big one, and as Katt Williams wisely said, “It’s called SELF esteem, I’ts the esteem of your M*^$ F*(&^ing self”.

That being said, mean people are all around you, sometimes actively mean, sometime absently mean (does that make sense). Even family, especially family can really make you feel super kak.

At times like this its hard to find small joys, or to think of others in worse situations. I feel sad, I want a pity party and I need VALIDATION, but I’m not going to get it from others.

So, there’s self validation, and that involves telling yourself how amazing you are, until you believe it… I’m going to try it… but I’m not very convincing so we’ll see how it goes.


I’m also a firm believer in needing to just cry it out and have that pity party. After a few minutes or an hour or however long you usually feel pretty foolish and there’s housework to do and lunches to make all before Criminal Minds starts at 10pm, so you put on your big girl panties and get back to it.


If you do fall by the wayside and need some assistance in feeling better, turn to Wiki… seriously, there is a wiki article on “How to feel good about yourself”.





And above all remember that a bad day, is not a bad life.

Good Luck



Buying a home – The painful realisation

Life has somewhat stabilised for the Padayachee’s and Praven and I are finally getting serious about buying a place of our own. But while doing “our research” the reality of doing that has hit us hard. These days buying a home is a commitment that can sometimes last up to 30 years, and while that’s hardly the eternity that we’ve sworn to spend together, it has some pretty heavy impact on the quality of our future.

For one thing, taking a bond at this point, (depending on what terms we would qualify for) could mean that we will be  I will still be paying for our home into if not close to our retirement age.

Then there’s the “deposit” to consider. In a recent article I read that for a bond amount of between R250 000 – R500 000, an approximate deposit of 12.3% would be required. Between R500 000 and R1m, 18.7% and obviously that value just gets higher as the bond increases, I don’t even need or want to consider those. So putting that into bucks mean for a R750 000 home we’re looking at needing a deposit of over R140 000. I don’t know about you, but my rainy day savings account does not come close to that…. Confession… What rainy day savings account???

So what we’ve realized that while the actuality of purchasing our home might still take a while, we need to get our asses in gear now.

We need to start getting rid of any and all unnecessary debt, and start seriously saving enough to not only take care of the dreadful deposit, but all transfer charges, and  minor renovations as well as all moving costs.