To blog or not to blog

When this blog was a mere daydream, I had tons of thoughts on what I would write about, and of course in my mind I had no doubt that people all over would be impressed by my day to day ramblings, and be thrilled to read…

Our bush getaway – Mtunzini Forest Lodge

About a month ago we decided we needed a break, a short (inexpensive) getaway to unwind and recharge. Most adults and parents know that while you expect and plan for a holiday to be relaxing and stress free, it inevitably ends up being quite the opposite….

Do you validate

No… Not a parkade ticket for a free hour of parking… When I jotted the draft of this post I was in a low low place. The kids were being little shits, Praven and I were in a funk, and I was throwing myself a pity party….

Buying a home – The painful realisation

Life has somewhat stabilised for the Padayachee’s and Praven and I are finally getting serious about buying a place of our own. But while doing “our research” the reality of doing that has hit us hard. These days buying a home is a commitment that…