The favourite child

Come on… admit it… the name of just one of your kids popped into your head just then… didn’t it… come on… I won’t judge….

Okay okay, so maybe we don’t really have a favourite, but I’ve been feeling the brunt of some “favouritism like” behaviour.

Double standards if you will….

We have 2 kids, our son Kivesh, 6 yrs old, and our daughter Thavina, the wise old age of 2. And I am just going to come straight out and say it, Praven, you favour Thavina! Not always, but often. You’re (mostly) great with Kivesh too, but Thavina has you wrapped my friend, around those tiny chubby little fingers. Thavina does no wrong, no wrong I tell you. She can throw a tantrum, mess the floor, not eat her food, throw her food on the floor, doesn’t matter, we’re not allowed to scold her.img-20160113-wa0001

(if you can, zoom in on that tiny face… if that doesn’t scream tiny little dictator!)

Recently the only arguments Praven and I have, are over the disciplining of Thavina. And I’m sure you’ve seen a little 2 year old pout… melts daddy’s heart, but not evil ice queen mamma.

How do we overcome this GAP… I don’t let it slide, I let the injustice be known.

Me: If Kivesh tore that payslip, he’d be getting torn right now.

Praven: She’s just a baby, she doesn’t know what she did, why did YOU leave the payslip there.

Me: Why did I leave the payslip in MY room, where I am allowed to leave things? Not why did she come into the room and take it?

(okay yes I should be mindful of where I put things, she doesn’t really know what a payslip is and of its importance…..but my point is that she should be told, don’t come into the room and take stuff, and then tear it!)

SOOOOO finally Praven has realised that he is a mere puppet on pink ribbon strings… He tries to fight it now and then poor thing, I even hear him scolding her now and then. I suppose I shouldn’t push too hard, there is that fairy-tale daddy daughter relationship after all.


Vent over…


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