93 meals!

No this is not a drive to hand out 93 meals for charity, but a little vent on the daily task of feeding our families.

The chronic problem of what to cook exists for every mum, working or stay at home.

If you do the math, breakfast, lunch and supper amounts to 93 meals for the month!!!! 93 meals for the family that replies “anything” when asked what they’d like for lunch or supper. 93…. that’s … 93… 93!!!!!!

I’ve just been chatting to a friend from work (Ragani Bunsee) on the intricacies of preparing meals for a house full of people with not only different palates, but also different eating abilities (as in toddlers or babies). Raganis house is a lot fuller than mine, so I feel for her. For me, we have Thavina and Kivesh, where simple is always better, they need very little spice and “fun” food so that it can actually be eaten. Praven is picker than the kids, I don’t really want to even say anymore than that….Oh yes, there’s me too, I also eat.  I suppose I’m actually the problematic one, I don’t in a hurry eat what I’ve prepared for the rest of the family. I like a little nicer food, a side of salad, a garlic roll and something yummy to go with it.

You may have noticed I like the easy way out, unfortunately this nagging maternal conscience flares up and I feel I need to provide something more nutritional than a packet of chips and marshmallows, and I actually do enjoy cooking. Unfortunately good family meals can only happen on a weekend. Weekdays still get (mostly) freshly cooked stuff, but we opt for steak rolls, frozen pizzas, and potato curries (for fussy palate Praven)


So mums and dads, in short, noodles are okay, cereal for supper is okay…You have 90 odd other meals to get your Food Network skills on.

My only saving grace – at least we can remove the 31 for breakfast, mind you that can become a task sometimes too… blue otees, pink otees, green otees…..




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