Man Down

This past week marked the 1st week back at work for me, so naturally it was also time for Praven and myself to get sick.

It started with me hurling chunks on Wednesday night, followed by Praven, … and the …um … shits ‘runs’ on Thursday morning…

We all joke about “Man Flu”, but in my house, man flu is a really really real thing. Praven is on some pretty serious meds, mostly immunosuppressant’s, so when he gets sick, even if its just the flu, or the runs, its usually a fairly  exaggerated form, it’s man flu squared. (Underlying message in that, no matter how sick I am, it’s never sick enough to trump Praven’s sick).

We spent Thursday night sitting in the doctor’s rooms while Praven was put on a drip to rehydrate. Got home to clean up piles of dirty clothes vomit in the lounge, and bathroom and of course seeing to Praven. Now I am far from selfless and I don’t really get joy from seeing to the sick and helping others, that came out wrong, but you know what I mean. I really just want to be the only one in the house with the flu, and have everyone take care of me… (I did mention that I was sick too…right…sigh).

th18Q3AD6P   ….. um, okay, maybe not.

When Man Down becomes Family Down!

As with most families, we’re around each other most of the day, breathing each other in, so when illness does hit, it spreads, a bit like a wildfire on a dry veld, “the bug” rips through our family, causing havoc, leaving the house in a state, with a lingering rancid smell.

Shortly after Praven (and I) got sick both kids showed signs of being ill, Kivesh a little more than Thavina. Projectile vomiting while in bed, now that’s a horror story. Doing laundry is one thing doing it in the middle of the night, now that’s a poster for what parenting is all about!  Out come the suppositories. Yay!

It’s Sunday now, and I’m just up to my ears with man flu squared, sick kids, puke, projectile vomit, extra laundry all of it.  Oh yes, and school starts tomorrow…


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