Our surprise road-trip to Castleburn (Southern Drakensburg)

A few weeks ago..(this has now turned to months, I forgot to post it…ooops)  we took the kids on a surprise road trip to the Berg to celebrate both Kivesh’s and my birthday. The bookings were done quite some time ago, but the kids had no clue and thought we were just…

The hunt for “Age appropriate” gifts

With each new birthday or Christmas comes the inescapable hunt for “age appropriate ” gifts. Kivesh is going to be 7 soon, so the search is on for birthday gifts. Seven is kind of hitting the transmission phase, he’s still a baby but he’s figuring things out. He still believes in Santa,…


The smell of a childhood memory

I know right of the top that that sounds weird,  but I’m sure most of you know exactly what I mean. A few weeks ago we had a lovely long weekend. and on the last day, Praven decided (at 8am) that we should take a spontaneous drive down the South Coast. Not like…


So. Exhausted.

Its been a draining week, I’m actually yawning as I write this.  I couldn’t be more ready for this long weekend. It’s been the usual at work, classes, practicals, tests and admin, but I’m just bushed! Usually when Praven is off we have busy weekends. We take the kids out,…


Making childhood as magical as possible

I am one of those mums that takes imagination a little OTT. I absolutely love bamboozling the kids into believing that a tooth fairy really walked across their bed, or that Santa and the reindeers really did park in the front yard. and lets not forget those pesky dinosaurs that…


Milestones for kids and parents, & the dawn of a new era

It’s unreal how excited we as parents get for each and every “milestone” our kids reach, some of them that are more “normal” or appreciated by the greater consensus of parents, like smiling, crawling, talking, walking even pooping in the toilet for the first time. Some of them less normal…


Our 2 year “Transplant-aversary”

Today marks 2 years since Praven was the recipient of a brand spanking new healthy kidney, the kidney of course being mine. Its almost unimaginable that it’s been that long, and at the same time that its “only” been that long. It seems a lifetime ago that he was on…


Mealtime prep with your toddler

 Firstly… errr… NO. I recently read an article on the pros of not only eating as a family but also on preparing meals together. Benefits such as lowering rates of obesity and drug use, and positively impacting a child’s identity, self-esteem and values, while teaching manners and etiquette. My question is,…


Sibling Rivalry – Thavina’s way

In our house, we do our best to minimise any form of rivalry between Kivesh and Thavina. When we found out we were expecting Thavina we immediately fostered a protective role for Kivesh as “The Big Brother”, not to take away from Thavina, who is a pretty protective little sister….

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